The Dartmouth Flying Club

       The Dartmouth Flight Club consists of members of the Dartmouth Community – students, faculty, employees, alumni – who share an interest in aviation. Staying current is not just a matter of doing the maneuvers and required landings every three months. It is essential to talk to other pilots, to question each other and learn from each others’ experiences. This is especially true on a college campus, where pilots who move in are unfamiliar with the area and cannot afford extensive flight training. Everyone, whether simply fascinated by the sport or pursuing a career in it, is welcome to participate in the club. Our meetings consist of student presentations about some aspect of flying (from weather to airports in Nepal), guest speakers, and advice from more experienced pilots. Activities will include field trips to local aviation museums and aviation manufacturing companies. The club is always looking for new ideas and energy, so join us anytime!

- Andra Pool

Disclaimer: The Dartmouth Flight Club is currently an independent organization that maintains absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with Dartmouth College or any other organization that is recognized by Dartmouth College, and no funds from Dartmouth College are utilized for flight club activities.